Wellness: 6 Secrets to having a nice slim body

My friends usually say, "No matter how much you eat, you dont get fat!". This is true also for my mother's side cousins. Little do others know that it's not really in the genes. But our seniors have these habits passed on to us which I believe are secrets to maintaining a nice slim body.

1. My junk food intake is moderate

I'm not really a fan of junk food. But there are few times that I crave for those. I just make sure that I eat only once or twice a week only as afternoon snack. Among the stuff that I consider as junk food are chips, sodas and instant noodles.

2. Eat just enough every meal

Don't give me the faltered reasoning which you probably got from your mom, grandma or aunt, "Pity those who don't even have anything to eat". If I eat everything, will the unfortunate be fed at that very moment? I don't have to eat everything in my plate. I just need something to keep me alive and get me going. If I'm full, I'm done eating. And usually, 1 cup rice, 1/2 cup meat, 1/2 cup fruits or veggies is enough. It would also be good to just have oats for meal. Like have it as your breakfast or snack.

3. Go for 2 meals and afternoon snack OR 3 meals a day

For me, it's only brunch, snack and dinner OR breakfast, lunch, dinner. No other in betweens!

4. Don't eat 3 hours before going to bed

Metabolism slows down when you lie down. So it's not good to lie down right after eating dinner. This is one main cause for those with big bellies. Observe heavy alcoholic drinkers. They sleep right after all night just drinking beer or whatsoever.

Just sit up straight on a chair or your bed. A better option is to do some chores like broom your place, wash dishes, read books, etc. These activities also prepare the mind and body for a good night sleep. And yes! Midnight snack is a lie!

5. Don't eat fat

Name it! Beef fat, bangus belly, bulalo, that extra fat at the end of the barbecue stick, etc. Just looking at those makes my head hurt already. I'm lucky enough to have in me this characteristic of being disgusted when those kind of stuff are already inside my mouth. But aside from that, I can just imagine the cholesterol that accumulates, and in time clogs up the vein. So if you want to live long and lessen the risks of getting stroke at an early age, avoid fatty food.

6. Drink atleast one cup of unsweeted pineapple juice every week

No, I am not making this blog post to advertise a particular brand. Part of my mom's grocery list every week is few big cans of unsweetened pineapple juice. My brother even helps out in preparing this (cleaning can, transfer to a pitcher, put inside the fridge) because it is also his favorite.

Why pineapple? Pineapple is super rich in fiber so it helps take out a lot of toxins and bad cholesterol inside your body. Aside from that, it helps your digestive system do what they have to do. So when nature calls, everything is easy breezy letting it out.

Why juice? Because it's easy to prepare. 
Why unsweetened? Because neither sugar nor preservatives is in it.

Get that belly fat out in an instant! I dare you to make these points a habit and try if these secrets would work for you too. SHARE it to your friends so they know these slimming tips too! :)

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