Wellness: IPL Underarm Hair Removal @ Surgilight Laser Skin Aesthetic Center

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Underarm Hair Removal will slow and lessen the growing hair on your underarm and can also remove that chicken skin.


What: IPL Underarm Hair Removal
When: 3pm, September 6, 2015
Where: Surgilight Laser Skin Aesthetic Center , SM Fairview Annex2
Front Desk: Misandra
Server: Maica


I went a week before to have an appointment the next day (It's just as fine to call instead of going to have an appointment scheduled). But they said they were fully-booked already and the next slot available is Tuesday (Sale season kasi sa SM that time). No problems with the booking.

Upon arrival sa shop, I told the clerk that I have the 3pm appointment. She confirmed and then I handed one voucher. Then, she told me that the preferred number of vouchers per session is 5 para ma-cover yung buong armpit area. And I was like "WTF? I only have 2 vouchers" in my head of course. I was a bit disappointed because I've had IPL before in another clinic and that time, I had unlimited shots a session. She was asking if I want to buy 3 more vouchers (they will purchase on my behalf). In the end, I only used 2 vouchers.

I went into a room at the inner part of the shop. Was asked to remove my shirt and put provided towel around the body and I lied down the bed.


1) Cleanse. She used damp facial foam rub it gently against my armpit to wet it first. Used liquid soap and massage my armpits with her bare hands.

2) Protect. Before the shot was done, a transparent and thick gel was applied. The reason being that you may get your skin burned at the shot. Just a way for the light to not directly hit the skin. She also put protective glasses on my eyes with folded tissue beneath of course so that the eyes won't be affected by the shot.

3) Shot. It's like a barcode gun attached to some machine. And it really feels like nothing. Parang flash lang from photobooths.

4) Remove the gel using the same facial foam.




Real Deal and Other Deals

Again, Metrodeal's fake advertisement saying it's 3000php but in reality, it's really just 1800php per session. And yung 1800php, unlimited shots pa. Unlike Metrodeal's voucher, preferrably you will spend 495 for 10 shots per armpit for both armpits.

unlimited shots until whole area covered:
6,500php for 10 sessions
5,400php for 8 sessions
4,000php for 4 sessions

This is the brochure given to me by Maica

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