Sewing: Using the HL-508A Mini Series Sewing Machine

Here's a basic step by step guide on how to set up the Mini Series (HL508A) Sewing Machine.

Setting up the Sewing Machine

  1. Plug the power adapter on an outlet and into the sewing machine
  2. Place the foot pedal in place and plug the jack into the sewing machine

How to Wind the Bobbin

  1. Remove the upper thread from the needle
  2. Wind the thread 5-10 times around the bobbin
  3. Lock the bobbin winder and step on the pedal a bit to check the rotation of the winder
  4. Place the bobbin according to how the winder will pull the thread
  5. Step on the pedal to start winding
  6. Set speed on high to make it faster
  7. When it slows down, turn off the speed and release the pedal

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