Outdoors: Posting a mail thru PHLPost

Sharing my experience of this simple process of sending a snail mail. Here are also step by step process from PHLPost when sending via land or air, locally or abroad.

I had a mail delivered from Christian's mom, Tita Olie, to a donee in Cebu. But first, before sending some gifts to him, we want to confirm the identity and contact of the donee so we're sure that the gifts won't fall to the wrong hands. She's not familiar with the how-to-get-there's here in the Philippines so she asked me to write a mail for her and send it out to an address provided.

So I headed last December 1, 2015 to a Phil Post branch located within the compound of Lagro Barangay Hall as it's the closest branch near to where I live. Simply check this LINK to check the nearest branch within your area.

It didn't take me long to do all of it. I just went there. And did this process:

Get envelope.

There are envelopes there for free. I got my envelope from my spares so I didn't ask for another one. It is required to put address and return address. At the back side of the envelope, the delivery address should be in the middle and the return address on the upper left corner. Also make sure to put the zip code on the address. If you don't know the zip code, simply find it on google.

Buy stamp. 

Wet the back side of the stamp. Just rub it against the wet sponge provided. Stick it on the upper right side on the back of the envelope and then

Hand it over to the lady in charge. 

She will weigh the parcel and according to how far your letter would go, she will tell you how much the parcel costs and ask for your payment. Then she will tell you when the delivery man drops by to get the letters from that office. I went there before 9am and she told me that the delivery man will pick all the letters at their 10:30am cut-off. I spent only 15php to send a mail from Metro Manila going to Cebu.

That's it! You don't even need postal ID for this. Basically, you're only paying for the delivery of the parcel. The amount depends on how far your parcel will go. Everything else (stamp, envelope) is free. On the pic below are their rates as of November 2015.

We hope that the donee receives the gift as soon as possible so we can send the gifts while Tita Olie is here in the Philippines :)

As an extra, here are their instructions for getting postal ID:


The donee received the mail and replied to us ^^. We received his first reply letter February 22, 2016. So looking at it, our donee received our letter after a month and a half upon sending. And his reply took around the same. We exchanged few more PHLPost messages after this. It really is a snail mail, but atleast it gets to where it is supposed to be. :)

Our donee is an achiever at his local school. It's such a happy thought to give to people who deserve it. Mission: Bless someone, Success! Here is his letter reply that was also sent via PHLPost:

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