Outdoors: Lucky day at Solaire

See how lucky you can get with Solaire Resort and Casino. We won a bunch from three of their slot machines. Best part is, It’s only my first time trying the slots and we only pulled ONLY 100php out of our wallet! How crazy can our day be? ^^

We went to Solaire yesterday when Christian received an SMS from Solaire earlier this week saying that he won bonus 250php worth of credits. We really don't have plans on putting money out other than that. I also wanted to go anyway because the project we're working on is related to the casino industry. So I need to have an idea of what's going on there.

Going there

There are no public transportation going there so we used our free ride from UBER app.  If you also want to have free ride to anywhere, you have to download the app and use this promo code upon registration: UBER200FREEPH. Your first ride will be 200php free (check payments in the app’s menu). Comfortably, a Mitsubishi Mirage picked us up from SM Makati going there. The fair estimate was 140php. But since it's a free ride, we paid ZERO ^^

We went to the kiosk machine to claim the bonus from Christian’s card as per Solaire’s SMS. He used it all in one slot machine. Unlucky with the slots as he is, he didn't win any. Hihihi. Sorry, baby! :P

Food and Beverage
Free water and other beverages are everywhere for free. Water are in water bottles. Among the beverages are Coffee, Hot Tea and Chocolate milk.

We ate at Namsan located at the food court. Yes, they have food court which is a very good thing for if, like us, you don’t want to spend 2000php on their high end restaurants for a meal. We ordered and shared one stone bowl of Salmon Bambap. It's so yummy! Or maybe I'm just hungry at that time. Everything is delicious when you're hungry right? Anyway, Christian liked it too so I guess it really is yummy. Hihi!

I also wanted to go have free spins so I registered for a silver membership card for free. If you also want a membership card, just follow these easy steps. Just go the the registration area and fill out the form displayed. Submit the form to the attendant. You'll be required to show a valid id when registering. Have a picture taken and wait for your card.

We went straight to the Kiosk machine after getting the card to check my account. Sadly, it wasn’t working properly then. But when we put it in a slot machine, it could detect my identity. So we went back to the registration and reported the issue. The attendant told us to wait an hour because they’re having server error and their guys are on it currently. With that, we roamed around for an hour.

We checked the Grand Ballroom which looks open only for the guests of an event. High end restaurants are everywhere, too. There is a also VIP game room but of course it's off limits to non VIP (we just assumed that though. Maybe anyone can go in but not allowed to play? IDK). Also, there is hotel (Sky Tower and Bay Tower) for the checked-in guests.

Of course, there is the Casino. There are sooo many slot machines everywhere. My guess is it’s more than a hundred in count. I was surprised that they have actually a lot of players. I was expecting a bit that we're going to be the only ones around lol. I guess some people don’t know where to put their money. Apart from the slot machines, there are also betting tables for Black Jack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Money Wheel and Roulette. I find the Roulette fancy. It sure looks so nice. It’s like I want to get one for myself ^^ Also, there are lots of people shouting everywhere. Either they shout in despair because of their loss (which is really scary, they sound like they are going to kill the man at their betting table any minute) or in excitement for their lucky wins.

Lucky Us!
Now this is the best part of the day. WE. EFFING. WON. Story goes like this. My legs were a bit tired from all the walking. So we sat in front of a Code Red Slot Machine. Christian wanted to check if my card is not working because I haven’t played any of the slots yet. So I inserted my card and he pulled out a hundred peso from his wallet. I was even hesitant at first and was trying to stop him because I think it is a waste of money. We just decided that we'll just play for fun. And win or lose, we won’t pull out anymore money than that. So he inserted the bill. Minimum bet is 30php so I just kept pressing that button. There goes our 30php per press. No win on first spin. 70php left. No win on second spin. 40php left. We almost lost all our hopes. But theeen on our last 30php bet, 3 wilds showed up on the first and 2nd vertical lines! Both of us just stared in amazement. In the end, we got 1210php win! Hah!

When you win like this, DO NOT EVER FORGET to press the cashout button to get your printed receipt. Your winnings WON’T go directly to your membership card. That’s what we did and went straight to the Cashier to exchange it for real money. Of course, i gave him back the 100php right after. hihihi.

And then we decided we want to play with another 100php from our winning and, again, not spend more than that. He told me to use the same slot machine. But I said Noooooo, you won’t get the same luck with the same slot machine. So we tried the other Code Red Slot Machine just beside the first one that we used. And voila!!! on our first spin, that same luck again! Three Bonus icons showed up on 1st, 3rd and 5th vertical lines. The machine just ran on itself running 10 or so spins, adding more money to our winnings amounting to 2355php. We just couldn’t believe it! After playing there, we got the receipt. This time, we fed it to an automated teller machine. It gave us 2300php in cash and 55 in receipt.

We felt that our luck is not over yet so we headed to another slot. WHAT. ON. EARTH. We won another 955php from it. We cashed it out and tried our 4th slot. Our luck has ended as we didn’t win anything from the the last one. So we decided to leave already with 4100php in our pocket. Also, I'm scared then. Thinking that someone might steal the money from us hihihi. This by far is one of the luckiest moment I’ve had ^^

We checked my card again on the kiosk machine and it was already working properly then. Most probably it is because we played with it already. So it’s good good ^^ But upon checking, I have no free offers yet. Though, it’s okay since we won a bunch that night ^^.

Going back, again we took UBER and a Toyota Vios drove us back to Makati. Don't forget to use promocode UBER200FREEPH ^^ And BTW, from this code, you can also get free ride that you can use in you're country even if you're not in the Philippines. While on the way back, we just couldn’t stop talking about it in the car. My first day trying out the casino turned out to be a lucky day. ^^

I’d love to hear your Casino experience too so please share, share, share it on the comments section below ^^

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