Wellness: Foot Spa from The Massage King

It’s time to relax! Give your tired feet a rest with Foot Spa with Scrub and Massage from The Massage King. Read my whole experience in this post.

Service: Foot spa
Location: The Massage King 2nd floor, SM Fairview
Date: Nov 11 2015, 830pm
Price: 280php
Front desk: kuya neil
Service Giver: Ate Tess

I was walking around SM Fairview’s 2nd floor searching for shops that offered foot spa service. I entered the salon because I could see clearly from the outside what I was searching for. Also, while searching, I canvassed the area and it is one of those which gives a decent price. Upon entering, I told them the service that I want. Then they led me and made me sit on a “Lazy boy”-like chair. There were no other clients at the time hence the fast service.



She brought out a foot spa machine with massage rollers with warm water. It was placed on the floor infront of me and Ate Tess put my feet in it. She then turned on the thing and put liquid soap. It got bubbly after a few seconds. Then she put a towel on my lap. And I waited there for around 15 mins. I believe, this procedure is done to soften the feet to make it easier later for cleaning when removing the bad elements from your foot.


After 15 minutes, she brought out a basin with warm water. And transferred my feet there and put away the foot spa machine. The bubbles were rinsed off from my feet using the water from the basin. Then she applied moisturizing soap scrub all over my lower legs and feet. The feel of the scrub is very similar to that of St. Ives. Removed calluses with some kind of a sandpaper tool, rubbing it against the edgy parts. The skin has really thinned. I even saw all the skin were flying off.

I proved that Ate Tess is a professional because the night before I peeled deep some callouses off. It left some excess skin and it hurt a bit when walking. She saw it and knew that it hurt me when she scrubs on it. Then, she asked permission first and then clipped the excess skin with nail cutter.. After that, it didn’t hurt anymore when she continued with scrubbing.

After using the sandpaper tool thingy, she took a cold stone from her materials and rubbed it on the thinner parts of my feet. When all the cleaning was done, she laid a towel where I placed my feet. And put away everything else.


Bottom was sprayed with oil so my feet won’t get cold. She then applied mint moisturizer all over my feet and lower legs. Then she made some strokes on lower leg with her fingers. After that, she did the strokes on the top side of foot aiming at my tired veins. A little while, she did that on the bottom part of the foot. She also did the strokes on my toes. Then she made a fist and then gently rubbed her knuckles on bottom part of my foot. That’s one of my favorites. It felt so gooooood. Covered my leg with towel and gave me acupuncture-like massage with her fingers on the leg.



Minor cons

Anyway, If I’d give them a star rating, I'd give them 4 out of 5.because of the nice service :)

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