Outdoors: Personalized Box from Papemelroti

For OC people like me, a box made with custom dimensions is a must have.

August 24, 2015: I went to papemelroti to order a box with dimensions that I want. Because I already have some organizers at my office desk and I want another one for my utensils with the exact length and width to satisfy my OC-ness.

The saleslady told me that, you can order any shape of box as long as they already have that kind in their shop. You just have to give them dimensions for it. Apart from the rectangular one, they also have drawer type and circle type. There are many others, I just couldn't describe them hihi.

To order, you just have to approach the lady at the counter and tell that you want to order a custom box. You have to prepare at least 100php for deposit. The full amount will be declared on the day when you're claiming the item. If you have the dimensions ready, that's good. But if not, they will lend you a tape measure and you can check out their other boxes in the shop to measure them. After that, you will choose the design for the box. You can choose the design from their variety of gift wrappers.

Then, you will be asked to fill the deposit slip with those information you need for your box. They will give you the carbon copy of the deposit slip and you have to bring it when you claim your item when you get back. No deposit slip, no box, ofcourse. ;)

Then, you have to wait at least 3 weeks because they need time to press the cardboard together to harden it (I think they are creating those from recycled materials). Although they will provide the ready date of your order on the deposit slip. You just need to claim on the said date. Last Monday, I went back to Papemelroti to claim my box (but it was already ready on September 13). The lady told me that the full amount is 198php so I paid just 98php more. :)

Next day, I brought it to office and used it right ahead out of excitement. Mess on desk no more :D Plus I like how the length and width of my organizers are exactly the same ^^

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