Friday, November 1, 2013

Travel: Singapore 2013. Day 3. Part 1. Underwater World

We now go appreciate marine life in...

Underwater World

Going there is just one train line and 2 bus away, unlike what we did yesterday going to Songs of the Sea. What we did here is 2 SGD cheaper (imagine, that's 70php!). We took the purple line from Farrer Park to HarbourFront, went out of the train station and walked to the bus stop infront of Vivo City going to Sentosa island (just look for the signs to get to the bus stop. It's everywhere, anyway). Then we got dropped down at Sentosa gateway which is just near Universal Studios. from there, we took the free bus ride (which goes around Sentosa Island) to get to Underwater world.

Detailed map of Sentosa Island. I got this one from the website of Sentosa

Before we toured around the vicinity, we headed to the Dolphin and Sea Lion show to catch the first show of the day. We were the first ones to enter the stadium.

The Dolphin enters the stage and wave hello :)

She swam around, flapping her fin, to greet the audience

If you look closely, she's not like any dolphin. Her color is pink.
Yes, pink. You read it correctly :)
That's why they are called pink dolphins. (duh :P)

She swims around to show some exhibition

Now the sea lion enters the stage.

They are so cute! Flapping their fins as if they were clapping.

I knew that in stages like this, audience participation is usually needed. So I waited for the moment when the host asked the crowd for volunteers. I didn't hesitate. Raised my arms and waived not showing any shyness :))) So if you want moments like these, be sure to be game for everything ;)

I was lucky to be the only one who raised my hands :D

Brenda was lazy to get up. So I was asked to try to massage her to wake her up.
Now I get to massage Brenda, the Seal :D
 Here's a video snippet:

Brenda is really talented.
Her trainer threw hoops at her and she tried to chase it to shoot it around her neck :)

Pink dolphin's turn for her exhbition.
She jumps from the water to reach the ball from a 7 ft height above the pool :)

Another tourist gets lucky to play hoops with Brenda :)

Now Brenda bids good bye

The pink dolphin also bids good bye
After the show, the staff sold me a picture of me with Brenda which they took for 20SGD

 Time to roam around...

Biiiiig and jeeeelly tentacles >.<
Interesting to see creatures like these. 

Spider crab. A crab that feed a whole family :)))

Heeey! I got stuck inside :P

filigree-divider_16_lg.gif (1024×161)

Overhead aquarium is also available here.
Aside from that, they have a walkalator inside (look at the bottom left side :) )

A huuuuge sting ray swam above

Fishes just swim right above us

Wow cams.. you look alike :)))

A veeeery big Pawikan appeared!
Its diameter is I think about 2 and a half feet!

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