Monday, October 14, 2013

Travel: Singapore 2013. Day 2. Part 4. Merlion

Of course, we would not miss the chance to see the Merlion in this Singapore trip as it is the most popular Tourist spot in the city. Merlion is Singapore's national personification. 

Resting @ Merlion

We were still with our Filipino friends upon boarding the train. We took the Sentosa Express from Imbiah 
Station, then boarded Singapore train from Vivo City. We dropped of at Raffles Place and walked our way to Fullerton road to Merlion Park.

We already have the view of the Merlion while crossing the Fullerton road. By the bridge to get to the Merlion, there was a couple who were finding it hard to take a shot by themselves so I offered help to take their picture. But I don't have it here coz I used their camera, of course :3

It's a good place to just chill out as it's kind of windy that time. Plus only a few people were in the area so you don't have someone get in the way of your camera shots.

Marina Bay Sands is at sight. Surely, the Merlion won't leave its post seeing this such beautiful scenery. :)

Going back to our hostel, we just took a limo taxi as we were already tired. Yep, you read it right. We rode a limo branded taxi :D . It just cost as much as any other taxis in Singapore though :) It took us 14 SGD riding the taxi. So splitting it to 4 would only be 3.50 SGD.

We also had a picture of the taxi. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of it yet. Will post it once I get the copy :)

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