Saturday, November 2, 2013

Singapore 2013. Day 3. Part 2. Luge and Skyride

Next stop:
Luge and Skyride

The tickets are a package because Luge and Skyride connects two points in Sentosa island. Use Luge to go downhill while Skyride to go uphill.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Singapore 2013. Day 3. Part 1. Underwater World

We now go appreciate marine life in...

Underwater World

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Going there is just one train line and 2 bus away, unlike what we did yesterday going to Songs of the Sea. What we did here is 2 SGD cheaper (imagine, that's 70php!). We took the purple line from Farrer Park to HarbourFront, went out of the train station and walked to the bus stop infront of Vivo City going to Sentosa island (just look for the signs to get to the bus stop. It's everywhere, anyway). Then we got dropped down at Sentosa gateway which is just near Universal Studios. from there, we took the free bus ride (which goes around Sentosa Island) to get to Underwater world.

Detailed map of Sentosa Island. I got this one from the website of Sentosa

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hang @ Park infront of Glorietta 4

Plain sweetness... 
Just enjoying togetherness
Nothing to really to make a write-up about :)

Singapore 2013. Day 2. Part 4. Merlion

Of course, we would not miss the chance to see the Merlion in this Singapore trip as it is the most popular Tourist spot in the city. Merlion is Singapore's national personification. 

Resting @ Merlion

Friday, October 11, 2013

Da Vinci. The Genius @ Mind Museum

Appreciation of life and works of The Genius, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Singapore 2013. Day 2. Part 3. Songs of the Sea.

Marvelous water, fire and lights performance by the Sentosa beach brought by Songs of the Sea
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After Funan, we then hurried to catch the Songs of the Sea (SOS) show which was schecduled at 8:40 pm. Worry not on riding a cab in Singapore. The taxi drivers are very honest and would drive the shortest path to your destination. We rode the cab from Funan to Sentosa Express which took us 11 SGD. We just gave the other 1 SGD. To the driver as tip (and he was so delighted by that ^-^). He dropped us at VivoCity Mall then we made our way from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. The Sentosa Express is apart from Singapore's Metro Rail system. So we had to pay 4SGD for the train ticket bound to Sentosa Island. When you're already at the Sentosa Island, you don't need to buy ticket to ride the train to go to Sentosa Express Station again. SOS is located at the far end of the Island so we dropped off at Beach Station. We just had a little walk to get to entrance of SOS. We fall in the short line for the 8:40pm show.
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Patiently waiting before the start of the show. We got the center audience spot :)

Some group of photographers were roaming around taking pictures of the audience so it could get printed and sell it to them after the show. While they were just roaming around us, I noticed that they were Filipinos. So I told Oca (loud enough that they heard it) "Filipino si kuya". Then kuya responded with "Tama po!". Then we just laughed hearing it :) Later on, when it was our turn, they took a photo of us too...

Before the lights and actual performance came in , the performers played a little with the audience, splashing buckets of waters to them. Good thing we were not in front, or else we'll have to worry on buying clothes there :)
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I got only a few pictures on our camera because I wanted to enjoy watching the show. Heh :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013


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Watch some performances here

UP Pep Squad

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mezza Norte

So, I bought a DSLR to document my adventures beautifully. Forgive me for my noobie-ness. I promise to self-study on photography. And this is my first post using my Nikon D5100 :) 

Stuck in the city and you're craving for food on a weekend but don't want to spend too much for a resto? Here's Mezza Norte for you! Located at Mindanao Parking of Trinoma. There are ~20 different stalls there so I'm pretty sure you'll get a variety of choices. Opens from Fridays to Sundays, 4:00PM to 3:00AM only.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna

We availed the 990php worth of Massage and 12 hours use of Wet and Dry Saunas at Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna which Oca purchased from Cash Cash Pinoy for only 495php. It's open 24/7 and we've read online that there are fewer people who go from evening 'til morning than morning 'til evening so we went in @ 8pm. All clients holding discount vouchers (from cash cash pinoy, ensogo, groupon, etc.) must inform Lasema atleast 3 days before chosen date of appointment.

The place is very accessible. As shown in the picture below:
Left side of Malugay street from Ayala Ave.
It's in the inner side of the compound right after the parking area.
Landmarks would be:
  • ARA - right outside the compound.
  • North Park - at the inner part of the compound, beside entrance to Lasema.
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Entrance to the building shows Lasema's advertisement

Waiting for the clerk to entertain us

Friday, August 23, 2013

Singapore 2013. Day 2. Part 2. Funan

So before we head to Funan, we went back to our hostel first to drop our pasalubongs. We can't get a good use of google maps using a smartphone. Only used google maps when laptop is around. Using the App "Next Ride" , we searched for directions from Bugis Junction to ABC Premium Hostel.

It's available on iOS and Google Play